Codeable provided training in tech disciplines and related skills to 26 young people, including those with intellectual disabilities.

Lagos, November 11, 2022 – SeamlessHR and Special Olympics Nigeria hosted an event yesterday to celebrate twenty-six participants who participated in the training on software development, product management, and other tech-related skills via the Codeable initiative. Set up to train young persons, including those with intellectual disabilities, Codeable equips participants with the knowledge and skills required in today’s technology-driven society and prepares them for the workplace.


Codable Participants and Deji Lana


The initiative has been repeatedly cheered as a remarkable impact project to drive an inclusive society. It was, for example, named one of three finalists in the Changing Lives category of the 2022 Africa Tech Festival Awards.

The first cohort consists of twenty youths between the ages of 20 and 29 and seven teenagers trained in soft skills, product management, quality assurance and software engineering over three months. Over the next three to six months, two participants will join SeamlessHR as interns, gaining further practical experience with the skills they have learnt.

Fumnanya Okeleke-Kooper, an instructor in the programme and a Product Owner at SeamlessHR stated, 

“I had a fantastic experience teaching participants in the Codeable initiative about product management.

I was privileged to teach them the basics of product management, product thinking, roadmaps and product growth. Working with them taught me a lot on the importance of teaching, sharing knowledge and providing the foundations for the kids. I am glad I was able to apply myself and be a part of such a special project. I look forward to more opportunities like this in the future.”

Some participants have already expressed an interest in kicking off tech careers. Victoria Oderinde, one of the participants, said, “My expectations for joining SeamlessForGood-Codeab/e have been met and surpassed. I’m glad to have registered for this initiative. I’m gradually growing on the journey to becoming a #SeamlessCodeab/e woman developer.”


Codable First Cohort


“I gained a lot. Codeable has made me confident, and the positive mindset helped me greatly,” another participant, Samuel Dada, commented.

Codeable aims to train at least one hundred and fifty young people over the next three years. 

No business exists independent of their host community, and we consider it an important duty to give back to that community. We’re grateful for the opportunity to do this through Codeable,” stated SeamlessHR’s CEO, Dr. Emmanuel Okeleji. “It helps us to create a more inclusive society, and we’re looking forward to expanding the initiative to deliver even more impact.”


Codable First Cohort Participants