NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 8, 2022 – Africa’s top enterprise-grade HR and payroll SaaS company, SeamlessHR, officially launched its East African operations today at a thought leadership event held in Nairobi, Kenya. SeamlessHR is an end-to-end HR and Payroll technology company focused on helping businesses in emerging markets become more productive and successful by deploying well-designed, world-class technology solutions.

The event which was themed “Maximising Africa’s Human Capital at the Intersection of Enterprise and Technology” had notable business leaders, and technology professionals in attendance and was hosted at the Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi. 

The speakers, which included SeamlessHR Co-founder and CEO, Dr. Emmanuel Okeleji, and Chairman Blackrock Capital, Kris Senanu, shared valuable insights on how Kenyan businesses can rapidly improve their global competitiveness through digitalization of their workforce management processes.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Emmanuel Okeleji explained that with SeamlessHR’s expansion into East Africa, the company continues to focus on its strategic intent of  building world-class cloud solutions to help organisations manage business processes. 

He said , “SeamlessHR is set to address the needs of Kenyan enterprises in ways that global players can’t because of its unique customer-centric SaaS design approach. We are building software solutions to optimise HR now, in the future, we’ll go to other areas beyond HR.  We’re beating global players in our local market and while we are not distracting ourselves now, we know we can play this game globally. We are positioned to build a global SaaS company”. 

“We have been looking forward to this day as it confirms our position as long term business partners to business enterprises across East Africa. Indeed, as a fast growing SaaS company, we know that our expansion will be incomplete if we are not present in East Africa”,  he continued.

Addressing recent reports by Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) which shows that 7.4 million businesses, including SMEs in Kenya, are struggling to manage human resources, the panel at the event noted that only about 30 percent of Kenyan businesses have fully automated their Human Resource (HR) management processes leading to loss of revenue.

On his part, the keynote speaker Kris Senanu emphasised the importance of the digital transformation of businesses in Kenya who seek regional and global market relevance. According to him, a well-chosen digitalization strategy for finance, production, procurement, and workforce management will help to get rid of the bad factors and ensure cost savings, improved product quality, increase productivity and competitiveness for businesses get the required knowledge.

Kris noted in his presentation, “In simple words, digitalization of business involves the use of modern technology to increase productivity and enterprise value in a competitive world. There is no area of business process management where this is so compelling like in workforce management. Saas platforms are indeed enablers for business leaders and managers as they build efficiency in the day-to-day management process, and also provide critical data that funnels business intelligence. Companies that have not paid attention to digitization and digital transformation are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with the digital elite.” 

SeamlessHR began servicing clients in Kenya in 2021, and with this formal launch has established its position as a top line service provider in the East African economic capital, offering its product suites including an HR management system, performance and competency management, HR analytics, leave management, payroll management and recruitment management.

It would be recalled that in January 2022 the firm raised $10 million in Series A funding for its next phase of growth and regional expansion.The company says the funding has further strengthened its position as “Africa’s leading cloud HR and payroll platform’ and is now activating its plans for the East African regional markets.