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We do the most for what we love.

We are passionate about helping companies become more productive and successful. Does this sound like something you’re interested in? Take a walk with us.

Our Core Values

Our values are what we believe in. They make us the team we are today.


We trust amazing people to do amazing things. We are intentional, and we demand the best of ourselves.


We seek the truth and deal in facts, not conjecture, and we challenge ideas to ensure we are doing the best at all times.


The bar isn’t static. We study problems and find better ways to achieve better results.


Seamstars speak honestly and openly without any fear and challenge behaviour that is not consistent with our culture.


We are helpful, and we believe in treating people the way we expect to be treated.


Knowledge is a vast ocean. We are avid learners and we keep up with the times.

Job Openings

Benefits & Perks

At SeamlessHR, we care about creating a wonderful work experience for employees. Along with a competitive salary, here are some of the benefits we offer:

Health Insurance

Your medical needs are taken care of with our health insurance.

Great work culture

Work with colleagues that will make your work-life interesting, in an environment that fosters mutual growth.

Flexible Work Hours

Gain control over schedule and work environment, and work when you feel freshest.

In-house Gym

Relieve stress and stay fit with access to our in-house gym.

What Our People Say

I've had a great experience at SeamlessHR so far. There’s such a profound sense of community within the company, and I love working with such a team of fantastic, talented people.
Mena David
Product Marketing Associate
At SeamlessHR, I feel that I am contributing to the building of an institution. This brings a sense of purpose to my work, and that’s very important to me.
Efe Ukpebor
Product Marketing Associate
I love everything about working at SeamlessHR. Everyday, my job challenges me to learn more, do more, and be more.
Dominion Oriabure
UI/UX Designer

Open Positions

We’re always looking out for new talent. If you don’t see a role that fits your profile, then complete our Talent Pool Form and we will reach out to you as soon as we have a suitable vacancy

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