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All-in-one software to streamline your HR.

Grow your business efficiently with our modern end-to-end HR management system that leaves nothing out of the picture, from hire to retire.


Time & Attendance

Analytics & Reporting


Travel & Requisitions

Exit & Off-boarding

Leaves & Holidays

HR Information System

Centralized Database

Store, access, and manage your data with ease. Receive real-time updates and improve data accuracy.

Statutory Compliance

Avoid the risk of non-compliance, and safeguard your business from legal tussles.

Reports and Analytics

Gain deep insight into the dynamics of your workforce and develop better HR strategies to improve your operations.


Manage HR data. Automate HR processes.

All those monotonous HR tasks that take endless hours? They now go into a streamlined workflow based on your predefined rules. Stay on top of everything: onboarding, requisitions, leave and more.


Take a break from all
the maths. Run
payroll in minutes.

Take a break from all the maths. Run
payroll in minutes.

Say goodbye to running payroll manually on those complicated spreadsheets. Run payroll, make approved payments and stay compliant – all in one move.