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The Core HR Platform

SeamlessHR lets you focus on strategic HR by helping you automate much of your employee lifecycle processes - from hiring through to exit.

Employee Onboarding

No second chances at first impressions. Ensure your new hires are up to a great start from day one.

Paperless onboarding

Simplify your onboarding process with an entirely paperless and flexible workflow.

Onboard pre-resumption

Get your new hires on the right track even before they step through the door. Send out offer letters and receive acceptance letters from within your HR software.

Track onboarding progress

Track percentage completion of onboarding activities.

Onboarding templates

Create and personalise your own templates with a set of activities that is unique to a specific batch of new hires.


Have new hires complete e-documentation using their personal email address.

HR Information Management

Fragmented employee data doesn't make you look forward to work. But we can fix that.

Secure centralised database

Reclaim control of your HR data. Keep every single byte of info on all your employee information in one place.

Cloud document storage

Collect and store any needed documents from employees, and access them whenever you want, wherever you are.

Historical data

Find answers when you need them. Five minutes ago or five years ago - sort, filter, export and do more with historical HR data.

Approval workflow

Define flexible approval workflows for your HR policies so that employee requests go to the right approvers.

Organisational structure

Keep an aerial view of your organistaional structure with an organogram that dynamically updates based on promotions, transfers etc.


Make team targeted or company-wide announcements with rich text, attachments and actionable links.


Hassle-free leave requests and approvals loved by everyone.

Simple leave management

Handle all stages of the leave management process from application to approval.

Leave tracking

Know who's in and who's away. Access employee leave history and leave balance.

Leave entitlement

No need for another spreadsheet. See automatically computed leave entitlement and rollover details in your app.

Leave policies

Create and implement as many leave policies as you need.

Disciplinary Management

All the tools you need to adjust unacceptable workplace behaviour.