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performance metrics

5 Performance Metrics you Should be Tracking

Organisations engage in performance management to ensure that all the company’s resources are optimised  to help achieve its
performance management system

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Performance Management Software

Performance Management is vital to every organisation, as it helps to ensure that employees and organisational resources align
Deji Lana and Dr. Emmanuel Okeleji, cofounders of SeamlessHR
Inside SeamlessHR

SeamlessHR Raises New Funding to Scale Africa’s Workday

Lagos-based HR and payroll tech start-up SeamlessHR has closed a VC-led round of funding to unlock its next
Payroll managment
Comp & Ben, Features

Top Five Payroll Challenges and how to Overcome Them

Processing payroll is a function that touches the responsibilities of the HR and Finance departments, and depending on the organisation,

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