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In this episode of The Seamless Podcast, Syl and Deji @deji.lana discuss what it takes to build an enterprise product that customers will use and love. Building a product as a business is more than just a lightbulb moment. It’s about defining your development process and understanding the problem and user. At SeamlessHR, we don’t just scratch the surface of our customers’ challenges. We delve deep, empathising with their needs and exploring their experiences firsthand to truly understand their pain points. Our products aren’t just born; they’re shaped by the insights we learn from our customers, and that’s how we ensure our solutions solve a problem, streamlining HR processes just the way they envision. You can click on the link in our bio to listen🎙️
Think namesakes share common interests? Meet Oscar and Oscar. Do they share more than just a name? Let us know what you think in the comments.
Wishing you prosperity, joy and happiness! Have an awesome Eid-al-Fitr celebration. #eidalfitr #happyholidays #seamlesshr #eid
At SeamlessHR, we believe in giving back to society, and Codeable is just one of the many ways we do that. To kickstart this year’s cohort, we’ve teamed up with CELSIR @celsir_org to empower incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals and with Special Olympics @sonigeria to equip people living with and without disabilities with tech skills. We met and engaged with new participants during our first visit to a correctional facility in Lagos, gearing them up for the cohort. Codeable is not just another initiative but an avenue to tackle inequality and exclusion in society by providing quality technology training for young people. So, buckle up and follow us for all the exciting updates on Codeable.
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