Let’s discuss the evolving nature of work and the role of technology in enhancing productivity. How can organizations leverage technology to streamline HR processes and support employees in maximising their efficiency?

The transformative power of technology in the workplace is truly remarkable, something I’ve witnessed firsthand across various organizations. Recent studies by Gartner and Deloitte reveal that organizations embracing HR software experience a substantial increase in productivity, often up to 86%. These statistics speaks volumes about the pivotal role technology plays in streamlining HR processes and boosting employee efficiency. HR software serves as a centralised repository for all employee data, eliminating the hassles of outdated paper-based systems prone to damage and human error. Further, in today’s fast-paced world, where burnout and inaccuracies plague many HR professionals, leveraging technology is imperative to build agile and scalable HR teams. The modern workplace demands technological solutions, and investing in the right tools not only enhances competitiveness but also prepares businesses for the tech-driven future. Embracing tech isn’t just a choice – it’s a survival strategy.  So, why wait? Join the SeamlessHR community today and embark on a journey towards a more efficient and future-ready workforce.

In light of recent global events and shifts in the way we work, what methods can be implemented to support employees’ adaptability and resilience? 

I believe the first stop is for organisations to build a culture of agility within their organizations as this is key to navigating the ever-changing landscape of today’s business world. Start off with empowering your leaders to thrive amidst uncertainty, embracing change with open arms and inspiring their teams to do the same. Collaboration, experimentation, creativity, and even a bit of risk-taking should be encouraged at every turn – after all, that’s where innovation thrives! Employees must be upskilled to adapt promptly to the realities and challenges of the organisation. However, there is a flip side to so many changes in our modern workplace, recent surveys, like those from Gallup, reveal that over 70% of employees are feeling the weight of stress and anxiety in light of recent global events. That’s a staggering number and one we simply can’t ignore. That’s why fostering open lines of communication is absolutely crucial – transparency is key to building trust and alleviating uncertainty within the organization. Consider offering employee assistance programs through your healthcare providers and, if feasible, explore flexible work arrangements to help strike that all-important work-life balance. Investing in our people isn’t just a smart move – it’s essential for creating a resilient and thriving workplace culture.

In Nigeria, the emigration rate is climbing and increasing, therefore impacting talent mobility. How can African institutions attract and retain top talent in the midst of migration?    

In my view, emigration is likely to persist as a prevailing trend for the foreseeable future, and unfortunately, it has significant repercussions on Nigeria’s pool of highly skilled talent. Here are some strategies to navigate this challenge:

Firstly, focus on watering your own grass: It’s essential to invest in making your organization an exceptional place to work. Compensation is important, but as highlighted in insightful reports from McKinsey & Company, it is merely the tip of the iceberg. Invest in your culture, employees today want to work in organisations with a ‘people-centric’ culture. Cultivate a vibrant organisational culture that prioritizes people, treating employees with dignity, respect, and care. It is also important to invest in their learning and career development are crucial. In fact, studies show that over 60% of employees express a willingness to depart from their current roles in pursuit of better career development opportunities. Employees crave growth opportunities, and by fostering a culture of continuous development, you’ll not only retain talent but also attract new recruits. That’s one of the perks of working in fast-growing organisations like SeamlessHR, the opportunities for growth are boundless and truly rewarding.

Secondly, build your own home-grown talent: By upskilling a broad range of employees, from entry-level to mid-level positions, you can bolster your pool of highly skilled professionals. Investing in talent development not only strengthens your workforce but also serves as a hedge against the loss of skilled employees due to emigration. Creating a culture of continuous learning and growth positions your organization as an employer of choice, enticing top talent to remain dedicated to your vision and objectives.

Lastly, implement strategic retention initiatives: Recognize that retaining Gen Z employees necessitates different strategies than those for Baby Boomers. Conduct thorough employee surveys to gather the data needed to develop and execute tailored retention strategies.

As the Head of People Operations, how do you envision SeamlessHR’s role in shaping the future of work?

As the Head of People Operations at SeamlessHR, I recognize the indispensable role technology plays in shaping the future of work across Africa. Our unwavering commitment to reshaping the African workplace underscores our mission: empowering organizations to optimize their resources and achieve greater productivity and success through our innovative HR technology solutions, including AI-driven tools. By providing comprehensive tools for talent acquisition and management, performance optimisation, payroll, and more, we catalyse the creation of workplaces that not only thrive amidst disruption but also foster a culture of growth and innovation.The evidence is clear: organizations investing in digital workplace technologies often experience significant gains in productivity, sometimes reaching up to 86%.

Looking beyond Africa, I firmly believe that SeamlessHR will play a pivotal role in exporting African-built tech to the rest of the world in the near future. We are a bold and audacious team driven by a passion for disrupting the modern workplace with cutting-edge technology.

From your perspective, how is the new role of HR having a positive impact on businesses? 

The evolution of the HR function goes beyond mere administrative tasks; it’s about much more than just ticking boxes. HR needs to step up to the plate and become a strategic partner in driving organizational success. This shift in perspective highlights the crucial need for HR professionals to harness technology and data-driven insights to enhance organizational effectiveness.

Consider this, HR is responsible for acquiring, managing, and developing the company’s most essential assets – its employees. Employees aren’t just a cost; they’re also the key to innovation and success. Organisations rely on productive and efficient people for sustainable growth. As Jim Collins aptly puts it, “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

What sets strategic HR professionals apart from traditional HR generalists is their close collaboration with leaders and executives to align HR strategy with business goals and objectives. As proactive partners, HR must prioritize acquiring a sharp business acumen and understanding the organization’s operations from end to end. Businesses that strategically blend their business objectives with their people strategies can sustain growth over the long haul This strategic approach empowers HR to full unleash the potential of the company’s most valuable asset – its workforce.

How does SeamlessHR promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organisation, and what steps are taken to ensure a diverse and inclusive workplace?

At SeamlessHR, diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just ideals we strive for – they’re deeply embedded in our organizational DNA. Internally, we’ve implemented a range of initiatives to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. From prioritizing diverse hiring practices to providing comprehensive diversity and inclusion policies, we’re committed to ensuring that every member of our team feels valued, respected, and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work.

But it doesn’t stop there. Externally, we’re really proud of our SeamlessForGood initiative, Codeable. We’ve teamed up with some amazing organizations like CELSIR and Special Olympics Nigeria to bring technology education and opportunities to communities that might not otherwise have access. This includes coding skills, product management, soft skills and more. And here’s the kicker: we’re not just giving skills; we’re giving them jobs. That’s right, successful graduates from our programs get full-time employment opportunities right here at SeamlessHR.

By combining internal efforts with external initiatives like SeamlessForGood, we’re working to create a workplace and a world where diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just ideals but lived realities for everyone.  It’s all about building a more equitable future, both within our organization and beyond.