This partnership gives Nigerian businesses more options to disburse staff salaries and remittances via the SeamlessHR payroll platform.

SeamlessHR, Africa’s leading cloud-hosted HR and payroll software provider, recently announced a partnership with Monnify by Moniepoint, a platform redefining how Nigerian businesses make and receive payments.

SeamlessHR’s partnership with Monnify gives Nigerian businesses the choice of paying salaries and payroll remittances via Monnify or other options available on SeamlessHR’s payroll platform.

Payroll management and by extension, salary disbursement is an important touchpoint of business management that can have a positive or negative effect on the employee experience.

Speaking more on this, Deji ‘Lana, CTO and co-founder of SeamlessHR said, “Beyond paying employees well, it’s equally important to pay them on time. Staff depend on their salaries to fund their lifestyles, so if something affects that, it would definitely affect their ability to show up productively at work.”

‘With the recent challenges faced in Nigeria by individuals and businesses in smoothly processing transactions and accessing funds, we decided to offer our customers more options to directly disburse salaries on SeamlessPayroll, helping them pay their people on time,’ he continued.

With this new update, SeamlessHR customers will be able to choose between disbursing salaries and pensions on SeamlessPayroll via Monnify, or the previously existing option of disbursing via Flutterwave.

‘Our mission is to help businesses across Africa become more productive and successful, and that really translates into optimising various business processes, including how staff are paid,’ ‘Lana concluded.