Nairobi, Kenya, August 2023

Africa’s leading payroll and HR technology company, SeamlessHR, is pro strategic partnership with the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) for a landmark event focused on transforming the landscape of blue-collar worker welfare and productivity. The event, themed “Win-Win: Optimising Blue-Collar Employee Welfare and Productivity”,  is set to take place on August 9th at the prestigious Capital Club, Nairobi.


In collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, SeamlessHR has curated this exclusive gathering to bring together the top 30 employers of blue-collar workers in Kenya, including prominent manufacturers, with the objective of facilitating discussions and devising impactful strategies to enhance the welfare and productivity of this vital workforce segment. Distinguished global leader Mr Vimal Shah, Chairman of BIDCO Africa, will be in attendance as the keynote speaker at the event, as well as representatives from the global leadership teams from SeamlessHR and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

KAM’s influential role within the industrial sector makes them a natural partner for this transformative event. Representatives from the esteemed association will be present to participate in the event’s panel session, contributing their invaluable insights and experiences to the discourse. By partnering with SeamlessHR on this event, KAM and its members will take a front-row seat in this groundbreaking initiative, directly contributing to improving blue-collar worker welfare and productivity.

“We are excited to partner with SeamlessHR for this impactful event that addresses a critical aspect of our industry – the well-being and productivity of our blue-collar workforce. By joining forces, we have an opportunity to contribute to the betterment of lives while also fostering a more robust and resilient industrial sector in Kenya.”, said Kenya Association of Manufacturers representative.

The event’s centrepiece will unveil the innovative Earned Wage Access technology solution designed by SeamlessHR and implemented by PesaLink (IPSL) & DTB. This revolutionary embedded finance solution helps to further bridge the financial inclusion gap of blue-collar workers, as well as boost productivity for their employers. This innovation comes at a crucial juncture in Kenya’s economic landscape, where escalating lending rates necessitate timely interventions to provide financial relief to workers.

“We are excited about our partnership with the Kenya Association of Manufacturers for this transformative event. By joining forces, we are not only advancing innovative technology but also championing the well-being and productivity of the hardworking, Kenyan blue-collar workforce. This collaboration reaffirms our commitment to driving positive change and shaping a more prosperous and productive future for African businesses.” said Emmanuel Okeleji, CEO & Co-Founder of SeamlessHR.

As SeamlessHR extends its reach and presence across East Africa, its unwavering commitment to strengthening African enterprises remains resolute.


About SeamlessHR

SeamlessHR is Africa’s leading payroll and HR technology company, focused on helping businesses manage their entire HR and Payroll lifecycle from hire to retirement, with cutting-edge technology solutions.  

With nearly 1,000 medium to large enterprises across over 20 countries, the company has offices in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya and recently commenced operations in Botswana. 

The company recently raised $10million in a Series A round of funding to double down on its impressive pan-African expansion and build out new embedded finance products, some of which will be presented at this event.

SeamlessHR is the technology partner of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the blue-collar worker project in Africa.