Introducing the appraisal committee dashboard

We have activated the power of dashboards! Members of the appraisal committee can now view the progress of employee appraisals, visualize data that’ll help in decision-making, and see just how much of their decisions conflict with those of the line manager and countersigning officer, all at a glance.


Company and departmental scoring

How are your overall objectives coming along? The new company and departmental scoring feature lets heads of departments score active departmental objectives. Admins too can input scores at both departmental and company levels.



More flexibility on your appraisal workflow

Do you have employees who do not have a countersigning supervisor? Admins can now omit a countersigning supervisor from an appraisal


Or they can skip the countersigning stage altogether. Admins have the added flexibility of undoing this action should the need arise.



Rerouted appraisal information

When an employee’s appraisal is rerouted to a new reviewer and countersigning supervisor, admins can now see the information of the new parties.



Peer incognito

Provide employees with the freedom to express their opinions without dealing with the internal struggles and mental blocks that arise when they have to evaluate a colleague. Admins can now decide if they would like employees to know which of their peers said what about how they stack up against the company’s core values. This means that the employee under review will only see the comments and ratings while the reviewer’s identity remains unknown.



More insights from your 9-box matrix

Zero in on the information you need on your 9-box matrix when using the newly added filter function to drill down on specific datasets and better analyse your data.



Export your analytics

Do you need to include these colourful performance analytics in a presentation? Admin and Appraisal Committee members can now export charts in JPEG, PNG, or SVG format from their respective dashboards.



Objectives tracking

As a first step towards objectives tracking, users can now view the overall progress of an employees’ KPIs or OKRs.