About my First Year at SeamlessHR and the Lessons I’ve Learned

This month makes it one year since I joined SeamlessHR! Besides my utter amazement at how quickly time flies when you’re having a great time, I can’t help but reflect on my SeamlessHR journey so far.   I remember my first day at the office. Seun Obatuyi, our COO, was the first person I met. I […]

Our Integration with Flutterwave Will Support Hitch-Free Business Management for Organisations

We recently launched a long list of updates on SeamlessPayroll, our payroll management product. One of the major updates on SeamlessPayroll is the new integration with African payments platform, Flutterwave. This new integration is poised to offer more flexible business management for organisations.   Payroll is an essential part of modern business management that impacts an […]

SeamlessHR Announces New Product Updates to Simplify Payroll Management for Companies

SeamlessHR has recently announced some exciting updates on SeamlessPayroll, our payroll management software.  The new product upgrade will help organizations manage their payroll even more seamlessly, offer additional security measures, improved compliance, and increased ease of use. Some of these updates include BVN validation, optimizing for multiple payroll run, new integrations, implementing Nigeria’s new financial […]

SeamlessPayroll is Taking Hitch Free Payroll Management Across the African Continent 

SeamlessHR has launched its payroll management system, SeamlessPayroll in Ghana and Kenya!  Last year, we announced a VC-led round of funding of an undisclosed seven-figure sum to be used in unlocking our next phase of growth. As we had stated, the plans for the financing were to optimize our product suite and drive pan-African expansion. […]

6 Strategies to Building a Strong Company Culture

A strong company culture helps companies attract and retain the best talent. It also promotes productivity, job satisfaction, employer branding, and even supports the improvement of the organisation’s communication process. Organisational culture seems like an intangible concept, but there is no doubt when a company has a good or poor culture in force.  A company’s culture […]

Pro Tips to Help You Successfully Pitch HR Software to Your Boss

Managing human resources is a big responsibility, the scope of which varies by organisation. HR functions range from intensive, recurring tasks like recruitment, compensation & benefits, performance management, learning, and development, among others.  The tasks domiciled under these HR functions can be a lot to manage manually, especially in large or agile organisations. With HR […]

What Are the Best Practices for Storing HR Data?

The way your organisation’s HR data is stored can affect how competently your HR department works. Properly storing HR data can help the organisation make financial and workforce-related projections for the company. Additionally, analysing reports and trends from data can help the organisation notice and eliminate obstacles to improved performance. Effectively storing HR data can […]

6 Ways to Save Time And Money in Your HR Department

HR activities like hiring, onboarding, performance review, learning management, etc, are essential to business growth, but these activities are often capital intensive and time-consuming. Besides saving up on time and money, streamlining your HR processes can help your HR department work more effectively, improve compliance, eliminate payroll errors, and enhance reporting capabilities. Here are six […]

SeamlessHR Seals Position as Africa’s Leading Cloud-Based HR Platform With Recent ISO 27001:2013 Certification

SeamlessHR, Africa’s number one cloud-based HR platform has recently gained the ISO 27001:2013 certification for quality information security management systems. The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is a globally recognised standard that requires organisations to build an information management system that keeps information safe and hedges against the risk of loss, damage, and other threats to information assets.  […]

Implications of the Finance Act 2020 on Personal Income Tax

The Finance Act, 2020 was recently published and we’ve noticed some key elements that will affect how personal income tax will now be computed. Here are the sections of the Act that affect Personal Income Tax: Section 29 of the Finance Act 2020, which states: “Gross income means income from all sources less non-taxable income, […]

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