SeamlessHR, one of Africa’s fastest growing companies, as recognised by the Financial Times, recently hosted its vibrant Seamless Tribe Hangout, transforming the virtual connections of its customer community into a lively in-person gathering. 

More than just a social gathering, the hangout served as a move by SeamlessHR to solidify its commitment to building strong relationships with its esteemed customers.

Seamless Tribe Hangout

As Adetoun Akinsunmi, SeamlessHR’s Head of Customer Success, aptly stated, “Our customers’ success is our success. Events like this help us become better partners, understand their needs on a deeper level, and provide the support they require.”

Adetoun further underscored the significance of customer feedback,“We actively seek our customers’ feedback and insights, which not only strengthen our sense of togetherness but also significantly impact our product updates.”

Seamless Tribe Hangout

The Seamless Tribe Hangout wasn’t just about mingling; it was about creating unforgettable memories, with laughter echoing through the venue as attendees engaged in thrilling Karaoke sessions, friendly games, and competitions.

Seamless Tribe Hangout

This successful hangout exemplifies SeamlessHR’s dedication to not only enhancing the productivity of African businesses but also fostering a supportive and vibrant customer community. As Africa’s business landscape continues to flourish, the Seamless Tribe Hangout serves as a beacon of collaboration and shared success, paving the way for a brighter future for all involved.

SeamlessHR is Africa’s leading HR & Payroll software in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, Ethiopia, Gambia and Zambia.


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