The average time it takes to fill open positions is 42 days, but this varies by industry. It’s safe to assume that time to fill in the oil and gas industry is longer than the general average. 

Hiring new talent can benefit your company as they come with new ideas, skills, knowledge, experiences, attitudes and personal qualities that can help you grow your oil and gas business in new ways. Also, when done right, an increase in headcount means an increase in output. 

Interestingly, major technology shifts are rapidly changing the way we hire and how candidates view and evaluate job opportunities.  

If you’re in charge of finding a new hire for your oil and gas business, it can take weeks to months before you make an offer and bring someone on board. 

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The good news is that there are several ways businesses like yours can improve the hiring timeline:  


Encourage employee referrals


According to a report by the Society of Human Resources Management, the most common and successful tool used to source candidates is employee referrals.

An employee with a solid grasp of your company and its culture can recommend candidates who are an excellent fit for the job and your company.  


Talent pooling


Building a large talent pool is one of the best ways to ensure your recruitment efforts have a high ROI within a short timeframe.

The larger the pool, the more potential candidates you have to choose from and the greater your chances of filling future jobs more efficiently.  


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Use HR tech solutions


As a company grows, the hiring needs will continue to increase. The ability to narrow down the best candidates based on matching job requirements is crucial.

With a recruitment management system, you can reduce time to fill as you attract, engage, hire, and retain the best talents you need to succeed. 


Internship programs


In some oil and gas companies, interns are considered an enormous value-add. An internship program is a great way to discover and engage top talent. Interns can provide support in various tasks.

Since they’re undergoing real-world training, it is a great way to evaluate their skills and work ethics as interns and might choose to bring them on as full-time employees down the line.  


Build your brand


Are you looking to attract the next generation of oil and gas professionals? Building your business brand is an excellent strategy to help manage the hiring timeline.

Money is not the only factor applicants considered when searching for a job; other factors like flexible working hours, career opportunities, learning and development and many more also impact decision-making.

Deliberately build your brand through your website, social media and other platforms. 


An optimised recruitment process will get you better hires and subsequently improve your overall productivity.