Performance management can often feel like cracking complex codes, leaving you feeling unsettled. Despite exploring various strategies, you find your business running in circles, with little progress.

The reality is, your current approach lacks effectiveness, leading to frustration and inefficiency. By identifying your mistakes, you can rightly implement tailored and effective strategies, to accompany your performance management journey with confidence

Here are some of the processes you’ve been implementing, and need to start addressing:

  • Lack of set goals and expectations: Without a clear direction, employees struggle to understand what is expected of them, resulting in confusion and ambiguity of goals. To resolve this, establish clear and measurable performance goals that align with your organisational objectives. Ensure goals are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) to provide employees with clear direction and motivation.
  • Relying solely on numbers: Using ratings or numerical metrics to evaluate performance are great. However, these metrics don’t provide a holistic view of an employee’s contributions. In addition to these metrics, incorporate a 360-degree appraisal method to allow employees conduct self-appraisals and be assessed by their peers, subordinates and line managers. Embracing this approach solidifies your performance review insights.

5 Reasons Your Performance Management Strategy Isn’t Yielding Results

  • Inconsistently applying performance standards: Performance standards are criteria set by managers, detailing an employee’s job role, setting expectations and outlining the level of quality at which tasks should be completed. Not consistently establishing performance standards across teams may lead to perceptions of favouritism and unfairness. The goal of performance standards is to ensure that both employers and employees are on the same page regarding job expectations. Consistently establish performance standards that are not too easy or too difficult to achieve, and establish a trial period without sentiments.
  • Infrequent or ineffective feedback on performance: Providing vague, non-specific feedback and providing feedback only during annual or quarterly performance reviews is detrimental to employee development. To address this, start by delivering specific feedback with a deep level of empathy, keep it private and make the conversation a two-way street. Most importantly, focus on performance and not personality and declutter the process by giving performance feedback on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.
  • Neglecting technology and tools for effective implementation: Manual and outdated systems are cumbersome and inefficient, making it challenging to track progress, provide timely feedback, and analyse performance data. Streamline your processes and facilitate agile goal tracking with SeamlessPerformance – a modern software that enables you to do away with bureaucracy that slows down your performance management processes.


Enhancing your performance management in your workplace is essential for increasing productivity and driving organisational success. Address the mistakes and implement the solutions discussed above to skyrocket your workforce’s performance.

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