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Slash your operational costs by up to 200%

Beat the dollar squeeze! Start paying in Naira with SeamlessHR and save on HR software. Ditch currency fluctuations, free up resources, and start saving today!

Turn savings into growth

Invest the money you save by switching to SeamlessHR back into your business, or use it to offer better employee benefits and improve retention rates. Unlock new possibilities for your company and your employees

Switch Seamlessly

SeamlessHR integrates seamlessly with your existing tools! Pre-built connectors, automated data transfer, and expert support make the transition smooth and stress-free. Focus on your people, we’ll handle the rest.

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Future-Proof Performance Management Tools

Modern financial institutions are ditching outdated performance management models in favour of a highly engaging, data-driven model and you should join them.

SeamlessHR empowers you to:

  • Align company, departmental, and individual goals for seamless synergy.
  • Drive continuous improvement through frequent goal tracking.
  • Ensure consistent and transparent reviews with a streamlined process.

Pay your People Accurately and On Time

Financial services thrive on precision, and human error is inevitable and costly. SeamlessHR Payroll allows financial institutions to minimise payroll mistakes through automated tax calculation and pension remittances, saving you time and resources.


Don't Waste Time Tracking Time

Managing attendance across multiple branches with a central policy is a headache that you can do without. Win back some time and rid yourself of the paper and spreadsheets of manual time tracking. SeamlessHR automates everything, from clock-in to shifts, across all your locations. 

Simplified Leave Management for Happier Teams

SeamlessHR helps you break the cycle of stressful leave & time-off management. Experience simplified time-off booking and approval workflows, tailored to ensure smooth team coverage and boosting productivity while your staff recharges.

Upskill your Team with SeamlessHR

Financial services are evolving rapidly, and your employees need to keep pace. SeamlessHR integrates with GO1, the world’s largest curated eLearning library, to offer high-quality on-demand trainings, needed to thrive in and create the future of the industry.

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Before we moved to SeamlessHR our HR processes were slow. We had issues with our modules being on different portal. With SeamlessHR we have it all in one place.

Oluwayemi Ogundana
Human Resources Manager, MERISTEM

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SeamlessHR offers a comprehensive platform that reduces your costs, streamlines your processes and empowers your business.