We recently launched a long list of updates on SeamlessPayroll, our payroll management product. One of the major updates on SeamlessPayroll is the new integration with African payments platform, Flutterwave. This new integration is poised to offer more flexible business management for organisations.  

Payroll is an essential part of modern business management that impacts an organisation on many fronts, affecting employee morale, productivity, organisational culture, reputation, and of course, regulatory compliance, among others.

Managing payroll efficiently helps the organisation win employee trust, build up engagement and motivation among its staff, and avoid the strict penalties tied to payroll non-compliance. 

Even though our users have always been able to manage salary disbursements and remittances from SeamlessPayroll, our integration with Flutterwave is making the process easier by giving businesses the choice of deciding how they would like to disburse funds.

With the new integration, all companies created on SeamlessPayroll automatically have a virtual Flutterwave account created for them in the background. Admins can then make disbursements with Flutterwave, view payment status and virtual account balance, etc.

Some other recent updates on the SeamlessPayroll platform include:

  1. BVN check and validation
  2. An implementation of the FA20 tax law
  3. Creating Auditor permissions  
  4. Payroll optimisation   
  5. Multiple payroll run         
  6. Google and Microsoft authentication   
  7. Displaying YTD on employee payslips   

SeamlessPayroll is a part of a family of enterprise cloud-based software from SeamlessHR. 

Founded in 2018 by Dr Emmanuel Okeleji and Deji Lana, SeamlessHR is building Africa’s first enterprise-grade, cloud-based HR platform. SeamlessHR helps medium to large-sized companies automate and optimise their entire HR process from recruitment to retirement on one inter-connected platform at a price point that is affordable for African businesses.