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employee adoption of HR software
HR Insights

Six Ways to Boost Employee Adoption of HR Software

These days, many organisations are changing how they operate by integrating digital technology into their organisational processes to
Hiring & Onboarding

11 Modern Recruitment Strategies You Should Try

A massive demographic shift is taking place in the world of work. A new generation is gradually taking over,
exploring an alternatives to a salary raise can help employees feel more engaged and motivated
Comp & Ben

10 Affordable Alternatives to a Salary Raise

Many companies tend to offer salary increases right after a positive annual performance appraisal. While rewarding
leave management software
HR Insights

Why You Should Automate Leave Management At Your Organisation

Imagine resuming on a Monday morning to calls and angry emails from a disgruntled customer. The request they made
how to set pay grades at your organisation
Comp & Ben

How to Establish a Pay Grade Structure in Your Organisation

What is a pay grade?   Setting pay grades for your staff or organisation can be a tricky

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