With the increasing complexity of HR tasks, many businesses in Zambia are adopting HR management software solutions to streamline their processes and improve efficiency. 

In this article, we explore the five best HR management software in Zambia and how they can benefit organisations of all sizes.



Built for businesses of all sizes, SeamlessHR continues to be the best HR management software in Zambia. 

With operations spanning across African countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania, The Gambia, Ethiopia, Botswana, and Zambia, SeamlessHR helps you streamline your HR processes in one single HR management software. 

Features include:

  • A cloud-based information system
  • Performance management with 360-degree feedback system
  • Recruitment management with an AI driven Applicant tracking system
  • employee self-service with controlled permissions, your employees can engage your hr team with no fuss
  • payroll management for error-free and compliant payroll calculations
  • hr analytics to help you  make better decisions
  • time and attendance management, connected to your payroll.
  • learning management for access to thousands of world-class courses

SeamlessHR is currently infusing AI into the HR management software and other products to enable seamless automation and management of all people functions.



With its people-centric approach, PeopleHum HR management software in Zambia minimises the concerns of cumbersome HR tasks. Features include: 


Sage HR Management Software

Sage HR is a cloud-based HR management software in Zambia that incorporates fundamental functions including performance reviews, workforce management, 360-degree feedback, and attendance monitoring.  Features include:

  • job profiles and administration
  • organisational charting
  • approval workflow
  • pre-built reports
  • employee recognition


Factorial HR Management Software

Factorial HR is a HR management software in Zambia that helps you save you time, prevent errors, and succeed. This HR management software is intended for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), helping you digitise all of your manual operations, forgetting about spreadsheets in the process.

Features include: 

  • training management
  • time off management
  • recruiting management
  • performance appraisal
  • employee lifecycle management


Akrivia HCM

Akrivia HCM is a hire-to-retire HRIS in Zambia that provides an application that provides a happy company culture for all stages of an employee’s career. Organisations are able “Attract, Hire, Develop and Retain” employees by utilising Akrivia HCM.‍

Features include: 

  • human resource management systems.
  • core hr.
  • workforce management.
  • time tracking.
  • employee engagement.


Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, investing in the right HR management software can help you save time, reduce costs, and better manage your workforce. 

Amidst the abundance of HR management softwares in Zambia, the real challenge lies in selecting the one that perfectly aligns with your organisation’s requirements. 

To start with, develop a strategy centred on what you intend to achieve with the right HR management software. Begin by identifying your organisation’s primary HR challenges in 2024 and how automation can effectively ease the flow.

Once you’ve thoroughly assessed your needs, seek alignment with the services offered by the best HR management software in Zambia and request a demo. 

To learn how SeamlessHR enables you to streamline your HR processes, schedule a free demo with us. For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us.