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Some years back, the millennial demographic received a lot of flak in the workplace. They were labelled with negative adjectives

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happy employees
HR Insights

Employee Retention: How to Keep Your Best People

Employee retention is the ability of an organisation to keep its employees and reduce turnover. A 2015 publication
Hosting general meetings can be a way to one of the employee engagement activities you implement in your organisation
HR Insights

15 Easy Employee Engagement Activities For Your Organisation

What is Employee Engagement?   It’s great to have a highly efficient workforce but retaining them for
9-box matrix
HR Insights, Performance

Getting Started With The 9-Box Matrix

What is the 9-Box Matrix?   The 9-box matrix is a talent management tool used to identify and group employees
HR in discussion with an employee to show that exit management (or offboarding) can be professionally done
Hiring & Onboarding

Exit Management: An In-Depth Guide to a Professional Employee Offboarding

While most organisations invest a lot of time and resources into recruitment and onboarding, employee exit management can often
Grace Ayibowu discusses the lessons learned after one year at SeamlessHR
Inside SeamlessHR

About my First Year at SeamlessHR and the Lessons I’ve Learned

This month makes it one year since I joined SeamlessHR! Besides my utter amazement at how quickly time flies

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