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SeamlessHR Partner Program

Deliver industry-leading HR technology solutions to your customers and earn up to 25% rebate for every deal you close



Increase Profitability

With a modern end-to-end HR management system, SeamlessHR helps businesses in emerging markets become successful and grow efficiently. 

You can be a part of this too, and increase your visibility and profitability while you’re at it!

Partner Tiers

Gold Partner

Gold tier partners deliver the full SeamlessHR experience, from customer acquisition to support. You can even contribute to product development.

Silver Partner

Similar to Gold tier partners, but without participation in product development.

Bronze Partner

Get authorised to acquire customers and manage the relationship with them.

Referral Partner

Refer leads or opportunities to SeamlessHR and get a 10% commission on every deal closed.


Why partner with us?

All the support you need..

Channel Manager

Get all the strategy advice and business support you'll need to help you maximize profits

Product Knowledge

We will teach your sales and support personnel to help you improve sales, better support your customers and improve product adoption.

Marketing Collateral

We will provide you with sales support tools to communicate SeamlessHR product offerings.

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