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Peter Iyitor

Peter Iyitor

We’ve raised USD $10m in funding

Today, we’re super excited to announce that we’ve raised $10m in our Series A funding round! This comes just about a year after announcing a seed round. This funding round was led by TLcom Capital, with significant contributions from Capria Ventures, Lateral Capital, Enza Capital, Ingressive Capital, and some private investors. The endorsements of new …

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Facilitating an Effective Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal is a formal assessment usually carried out by a line manager on employees. It is a periodic and systematic meeting set up to assess the employee’s performance using specific pre-established criteria and determine their overall contribution to achieving organisational objectives. Also referred to as a performance review or performance evaluation, a performance …

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UpToDate – August 2021

SeamlessPerformance Introducing the appraisal committee dashboard We have activated the power of dashboards! Members of the appraisal committee can now view the progress of employee appraisals, visualize data that’ll help in decision-making, and see just how much of their decisions conflict with those of the line manager and countersigning officer, all at a glance.   …

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